The question of what you're entitled to after you have suffered on-the-job injuries in Atlanta, Georgia may not be very clear, especially in the immediate aftermath. Yet, it's important that, during the difficult time, you exercise those legal rights and secure your future. As such, always find an Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney to help you leverage your legal rights and ensure that you're not denied full benefits after violating any statute of limitations.


First of all, Georgia law dictates that a worker cannot be held liable for the costs of treating injuries they suffered while working for someone, for no fault of their own. While many employers are never quick to compensate injured employees, just know that it's your right to pursue compensation to the logical end.


Secondly, you need not demonstrate that your employer was at fault for your workers' comp claims to be valid. Worker injury insurance compensation does not work the same way as other forms of personal injury, such as motor vehicle accidents or defective product injury. With workers' comp, your employer does not need to be at fault for you to deserve compensation. Your only duty here is to prove that you suffered the injury in question while working for your employer.


Thirdly, you have the right to receive compensation from a party other than your employer and their insurance company. That is usually the case when your on-the-job injuries are the fault of another party, such as another car or a defective plan within where you work. In case you got injured by a workplace machine that malfunction due to manufacture or design defect, you have the right to engage the machine's manufacturer and their insurer with a view to claiming benefits. But you'd have to first demonstrate that the machine in question has a manufacture or design defect, and that the particular defect caused the injuries you seek compensation for.


Fourthly, you're protected against victimization. Some employers may not take it well if you pursue workers' comp for injuries you suffered while working for them. Yet, it's your legal right to file such claims. Such employers cannot punish you in any way for filing claims. They cannot dismiss or demote you.



There are many legal rights you're entitled to as a victim of workplace injury. A great Atlanta personal injury attorney from can explain everything you need to know about pursuing workers' compensation while protecting your legal rights.