From an employee's perspective, a proper grasp of Georgia law is key to the satisfactory resolution of any workers' comp claims. In other words, you need to know what the law says about your rights and legal processes for filing claims and pursuing compensation, whether in or out of court. Your employer and their insurance do understand the law, but whether or not they'll use their understanding to favor the claimant is always something to wait and see. However, any injured worker who retains an Atlanta personal injury attorney for assistance with their situation can always push their employer toward doing the right thing as per the law. 

Georgia law says that you should be compensated for any serious injuries you sustain while working for your employer. That's guaranteed since the law dictates that each employer with more than three employees should obtain the relevant workers' compensation insurance cover. This is the cover that guarantees compensation when an employee is injured on the job. 

Did you know that, as per the same law, your employer is supposed to provide 6 choices of different doctors who can treat you? These doctors must be known to accept your employee insurance policy. That's an inalienable right to you as a worker. 

You're supposed to inform your employer about the work-related injuries you sustained as soon as possible (within 30 after the date of injury). Once you've done that and inquired with them about reimbursement for medical treatment, the law requires them to file an official claim with their workers' compensation insurer so that they can review it.  

There's a chance that your employer's workers' comp insurer will reject your claims. In that case, Georgia law provides for the filing of a denial appeal. After filing the appeal (of course with the help of your work injury attorney), the date for a court hearing will be set to give you an opportunity to back your claims and challenge the insurer's denial. 

According to workers' compensation law in Georgia, you should be compensated for all costs of medical care for the on-the-job injuries you suffered. If your employer accepts a settlement you think is an unfair, it's your legal right to reject it. Your attorney from can help negotiate a better settlement or go to court if no consensus is reached. 


The good thing with an Atlanta personal injury attorney from The Bader Law Firm is that they can help an injured worker successfully challenge a stubborn employer or insurer.